Legacy Self Service Garage Terms and Conditions

● Each customer entering the facility must sign a liability waiver form. Customers will be required to present photo ID and sign release of liability waiver and acknowledge their consent and full understanding that Legacy Self Service Garage and staff will not be
responsible and/or liable to its customers for injuries sustained by the customer while using the shop facilities, tools, lift, equipment in performance of automotive and maintenance work at the shop.
● Customers must follow all the shop policies, as well as the rules and instructions given by Legacy Self Service garage staff.
● All vehicles must be licensed to bring into the garage.
● You may be required to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle being serviced.
● Legacy Self Service Garage does not provide any warranties, either express or implied.
● Anyone that is Rude, Disrespectful or Aggressive to staff or customers will be removed and no refund will be issued.
● Legacy Self Service Garage reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
● No smoking inside the facility
● No alcoholic beverages inside the facility or on the premises.
● No drug usage or drug paraphernalia inside the facility or on the premises.
● Must be at least 18 years old to rent a bay. Each customer may only have up to two guests, each at least 12 years old, assisting in the vehicle repair.
● No more than 3 persons, including the customer and guests will be allowed in each bay at any given time.
● All customers and their guests are required to work in a safe manner and use all the tools properly.
● Closed toe shoes required. No open toe shoes will be allowed within the facility at any time.
● Safety glasses will be issued to all customers and their guests.
● Only Legacy Self Service Garage staff are allowed to place vehicles onto the automotive lift and remove them. Customers are not permitted to re-position the automotive lift once the vehicle has been placed on the lift.
● Time starts as soon as a car is in the bay working on it or not.
● Customers are responsible for all tools and equipment provided for them to use.
● All tools and equipment must be cleaned and returned in the same condition as they were provided.
● Put away all tools and equipment in drawers and return any borrowed shop tools and equipment. Any missing tools or equipment will be charged to your bill.
● All work areas must be kept clean and safe.
● Drain fluids in appropriate catch cans provided – oil and antifreeze.
● Clean up spills immediately and alert staff if you require assistance.
● Rags must be disposed of into the proper containers. Do not throw them into the trash.
● If you are not sure of anything. Please ask before proceeding.
● All paid deposits, reservations, bookings, etc., are not guarantees of a time slot being available at the selected time, in the selected bay.
● Legacy Self Service Garage reserves the right to change all appointment times, dates, and bays at any time without prior notice.
● Your deposit will be forfeit if you cancel, or do not show up for your appointment.
● Your appointment is from the scheduled start to the scheduled end. If you are scheduled from 9:00am to 10:00am, that is your allotted time in the garage. It does not mean you get 1 full hour.
● Legacy Self Service Garage provides no guarantees for any services booked.
● When it is 6 hours or less of booked time, you will pay for what you use. If you book more than 6 hours, you will pay for the full amount of time booked if you use less. Example: You book 6 hours and it takes you 3, you will pay for the 3 hours. If you were to book 8 hours and use 2 hours, we would have you pay for the 8 hours.

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